hoco. story

We are Lucas and Richie. We know each other for some time and just to make it clear, we don't take ourselves too seriously. Maybe that's the reason why everything works so good in our parallel universe. No homo!

In 2017 we travelled to one of the biggest technological centres in the world – Shenzhen Trade Fair.

Actually, we didn't have high hopes. We were only curious if our colleagues from the neighbour continent could surprise us again. And it happened there, between a number of small stands and stores, where we accidentally came across the hoco. showroom. 

Richie run into the store and, though he is not proud of this, started touching the goods. We loved them so much that we had to bring some back to Slovakia.

Now they are here. We must admit, we like them a lot. We use them daily and are happy to introduce them to you too. hoco. won our favour. Hope you will fancy them as much as we do.

No animal testing

Our products are tested strictly on humans, not animals!
All the hoco. products are put to test by us while some of them have already settled in our households.

Group 12.png

Extra portion of satisfaction

The hoco. products are aimed at everybody who likes “lots of music for little money”. Here you don't pay extra money for the brand. Unless you really want to.

Group 13.png

Time for getting along

All the hoco. products can be exchanged within 30 days. So no stress. If you don't get on well with any of the ordered products, we will simply exchange it for you.