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hoco. was founded in 2009 as a new brand of mobile and lifestyle accessories.

Based in Hong Kong and with manufacturing facilities in Shenzen - one of the largest technology centers in the world, hoco. has gone through significant changes. And all that in just a few years.

From a relatively unknown manufacturer, it has gradually evolved into a globally recognized brand. It currently has more than 2 000 stores worldwide and distributes its products to more than 50 countries.

hoco. offers a wide range of products from different categories.

From protective cases and tempered glasses for smartphones to wireless speakers, power banks, headphones or car accessories.

Brand focuses primarily on quality, minimalistic design and practical use of its products in everyday life.

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We ran into hoco. in 2017 at trade fair in Shenzhen. Just right there, between a number of retailers, we accidentally came across the hoco. showroom.

We liked the products of this brand so much, that we decided to bring them to Europe. Now they are here. And we must admit, we love them a lot. We use them daily and are happy to introduce them to you too.

No animal testing

Our products are tested strictly on humans, not animals! All the hoco. products are put to test by us while some of them have already settled in our households.

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Extra portion of satisfaction

The hoco. products are aimed at everybody who likes “lots of music for little money”. Here you don't pay extra money for the brand. Unless you really want to.

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Time for getting along

All the hoco. products can be exchanged within 30 days. So no stress. If you don't get on well with any of the ordered products, we will simply exchange it for you.